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CAMPBELL RIVER B.C. – Today’s announcement of additional funding for the British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund from the B.C. Provincial and Federal governments will help ensure the health and abundance of the province’s wild salmon populations into the future.

“We share the governments’ passion for wild salmon populations, and would like to extend our gratitude for this commitment to their wellbeing,” said John Paul Fraser, BCSFA Executive Director. “Protecting and restoring salmon habitat is crucial to their continued health and abundance, as is supporting restoration efforts by First Nations and other groups with important local knowledge. That can only be done with resources like those coming forward today.”

The BCSFA actively supports wild salmon habitat and population restoration projects, as well as independent science into their health. Producing about three quarters of the salmon harvested in B.C. each year, salmon farming plays a crucial role in protecting wild salmon from over-fishing by providing a sustainably-raised alternative supply of this important and healthy food.

About the BC Salmon Farmers Association:
Farm-raised salmon is B.C.’s highest valued seafood product, the province’s top agricultural export, and generates over $1.5-billion towards the B.C. economy, resulting in about 7,000 jobs.

The BC Salmon Farmers Association represents 62 businesses and organizations throughout the value chain of finfish aquaculture in B.C. Our members account for over 95% of the annual provincial harvest of farm-raised salmon, 100% of the salmon feed produced in B.C., and most of the service and suppliers involved in ensuring that over $700-million of salmon raised in B.C. gets to domestic and global markets.

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