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Campbell River, B.C. — Like everyone, we only just received this decision and are still learning its details. BC’s salmon farmers share deeply British Columbians’ passion for the health of wild salmon. We are also committed to raising healthy food in a climate friendly manner to help lessen the burden on threatened wild stocks.

At first review, we are reassured that government is following through on its commitment to make decisions in aquaculture regulation based on sound scientific principles. And we look forward to participating in the consultation process.

The science tells us there are different strains of PRV around the world, and that the one in BC is naturally here and benign. Requiring farmers to test for foreign strains of this virus is a responsible approach.

Our farmers already take the precaution of testing for a number of known pathogens that can impact fish health before smolts move from hatcheries to the saltwater environment. Testing for this additional virus will now be part of an already rigorous process.

Media contact:
Shawn Hall