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A letter from Carmen Coburn, one of dozens reaching out to Minister Bernadette Jordan

What is your plan now after you dropped such a devastating bombshell on everyone’s families right before Christmas in an already challenging year?

Why do you continue to ignore the science that your own department has completed and concluded that salmon farming poses minimal risk to the wild salmon population?

Why don’t you come out to one of these sites you are shutting down and see for yourself the hard work and dedication that my co workers put into farming salmon sustainably?

Like many others I would not be working in this industry if I believed it imposed a risk to the coast that I GREW up on. This place is my home, why would I want to damage it in any way?

Why should my mom and aunt have to worry about their 33 year careers in sustainable salmon farming coming to and end?

What is your plan for people like them?

Will you retrain them for a new job?

Do I have to look for a new career while in the middle of starting a family of my own?

And what about all of the other businesses that will also be affected by this?

This will devastate already struggling communities.

Here is just ONE example of three different families you are hurting with this terrible decision you made.


Carmen Coburn

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