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CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – The BC Salmon Farmers Association has launched a new platform called Deeper Dive, which uses science and research to address and correct misinformation and disinformation that the salmon farming industry has faced for decades.

Deeper Dive addresses 10 topics related to the sector that are often misunderstood by the public. Topics include Sea Lice, PRV, Land Based, Safety and Quality, Ocean Floor, Wild Salmon, Fish Escapes, Fish Health and Welfare, Cohen Commission, and Feed.

“We have used science and research to address concerns about the salmon farming sector for years.” says John Paul Fraser, Executive Director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association. “Until now, we did not have a  public platform where everyone can view the collective research in a way that is easy to understand and shareable in social media.”

Users can select a topic of interest to them and scroll through common statements that are often heard, but misinformed. Users then have the ability to see a reality statement and are given the option to “take a deeper dive” where they can explore the science and research behind it.

“This is another tool in our toolbox to increase our commitment to transparency and engage the public in a modern way,” says Fraser. “We have heard people’s concerns about misinformation, and we are advancing ways to address it. As Salmon Farmers we are proud to produce a healthy, environmentally responsible, carbon friendly, science driven protein.”

Deeper Dive can be accessed through BCSFA’s newly launched platform here:

To accompany the launch of Deeper Dive, BCSFA has also released a Land Based explainer video, watch it here: VIEW NOW

Quick Facts:

  • BC farm-raised salmon is the province’s #1 seafood export, #1 agri-food export contributing $1.6 billion in total economic output.
  • BC Salmon Farmers were designated an essential service by Federal and Provincial governments in the early stages of the pandemic.
  • Salmon Farmers are immediately investing (2020-2021) $113 million, generating nearly 450 new well-paid jobs, and $5.8 million in near-term annual tax revenue.
  • The industry currently supports nearly 6,500 well-paid full-time jobs, most in rural coastal communities on North Vancouver Island, and contributes $89 million in annual federal, provincial, and municipal taxes.
  • BC Salmon Farmers have 20 First Nations participation agreements and are committed to DRIPA (Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act).
  • BC salmon farmers align with UN sustainable development goal #2: ZERO HUNGER. Salmon farmers have donated more than 120,000lbs of salmon (equivalent to 500,000 meals) to local, provincial and national food banks since the pandemic.
  • Salmon Farmers produce 353 million meals of high-quality protein annually: 6.8 million meals each week
  • BC salmon farming is a carbon friendly footprint, with the lowest emissions of all animal protein sectors.

For Media inquiries:

Michelle Franze
Manager of Communications, Partnership and Community