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Campbell River, B.C. – The BC Salmon Farmers Association issued this statement from Executive Director John Paul Fraser today in response to the election of the federal Liberal minority government.

“The Liberal Party’s campaign promise altered what had been a productive conversation about how our industry can evolve into the future. Their commitment has caused undue stress and pressure for the nearly 7,000 families who depend on salmon farming for their livelihoods –
farmers, biologists, scientists, suppliers, conservationists. Now that the election is over, it is time to move forward in a productive manner guided by facts and science.

“Climate-responsible food production, embracing the principles surrounding UNDRIP, working in concert with coastal Indigenous Nations, protecting wild salmon, offering opportunity in remote communities… these are priorities of today’s salmon farmers in BC. They are also shared with the incoming government. Together, we have an opportunity to collaborate on the
challenges of climate change and wild salmon restoration while farming the most carbon-friendly animal protein in Canada. Mandating an uninformed, large-scale change upon a sustainable, responsible industry will not work – instead, we must work together. This will be our focus with the new government and British Columbians. We are your farmers and proud of