Science Review: Individual Chapters

Welcome to “Modern Salmon Farming in BC: A Review” a comprehensive summary dedicated to uncovering the world of salmon farming in the beautiful province of British Columbia. We aim to bring clarity and transparency by utilizing data, research findings, and insights from many researchers, scientists, and subject matter experts to address thirteen distinct topics related to salmon farming in BC.

Modern Salmon Farming” is your go-to resource for gaining a deeper understanding of the reality of salmon farming in British Columbia. We strive to foster transparency, encourage open dialogue, and contribute to the sustainable development of this vital sector.

Below you will find individual links to each chapter of our comprehensive review. Each chapter in this document has been written as a stand-alone document to ease access and reading of the materials.

Chapter Highlights

Chapter 0 – Preface

Chapter 1 – Caring for Coastal BC

Chapter 2 – The Big Picture

Chapter 3 – Local Habitats

Chapter 4 – Caring for Indigenous Stewardship

Chapter 5 – Preventing Escapes

Chapter 6 – Minimizing Incidental Catch

Chapter 7 – Feed Sustainability

Chapter 8 – Protecting Biodiversity

Chapter 9 – Minimizing Wildlife Interactions

Chapter 10 – Sea Lice Management

Chapter 11 – Caring for Fish Health

Chapter 12 – Food Safety and Security

Chapter 13 Community Benefits